Cheltenham West Vision

At the March Hesters Way Partnership  Paul Miller of Nash Partnership described the new  ‘Cheltenham West’ Vision

Paul explained that Nash Partnership are working jointly for CBC and CBH, and outlined the work done to date for the ‘Cheltenham West’ Vision.  Views had been sought from local residents on the area, some of which were good and some not so good, and also the aspirations for the area.

Paul gave a presentation based around the Cheltenham West Vision Public Consultation Leaflet, full details of which can be found here;

Vision Principles

The key principles of the proposed Vision for Cheltenham West are to:

  • Improve connections for pedestrians and cyclists across the Cheltenham West area
  • Improve connections to existing areas of open and green space
  • Create new facilities for community use along Princess Elizabeth Way
  • Change the character of the area by creating new landmark buildings or features Vision Ideas
  • Maximise investment opportunities and connections to the proposed new development in West Cheltenham.
  • Improve opportunity for investment in Coronation Square shops and facilities
  • Create new public spaces and improve the landscaping and play facilities in existing ones.

Vision Ideas

Connection and movement

  • Strengthened green connection – Provide new landscaped crossing to Hesters Way Park ;
  • Improve connection to north of Hesters Way Park;
  • Improve connection to KGV;
  • Potential connections to West Cheltenham – Encourage potential public transport, pedestrian and cycling connections to link into Coronation Square and the Town Centre;
  • Strengthened green connection – Create connection to Triscombe Way Playground;
  • Improve connection from Moors Avenue to Chelt Walk
  • New connection – Create new pedestrian and cycle connection across railway to the Town Centre.

Socio economic

  • Coronation Square Hub – Improve opportunity for investment in Coronation Square shops and facilities;
  • Links to West Cheltenham – Maximise investment opportunities and connections from West Cheltenham to help regeneration of Coronation Square;

Landscape and public realm;

Landscape intervention

  • Improve landscaping and add play area to Wordsworth Avenue green;
  • Improve landscaping opposite Hesters Way Park;
  • Create new landscaped park and play area near junction of Lechmere Road and PE Way;
  • Improve landscaping and add play area to Lygon Walk green.


Landmark building/feature

  • Look to provide a gateway entrance into Cheltenham;
  • Create landmark building at junction of Orchard Avenue and PE Way;
  • Create landmark/improve building at Rowanfield Exchange;
  • Create landmark feature at junction of Hesters Way Road and PE Way;
  • Create landmark building at junction of Orchard Way and PE Way;
  • Create landmark building at junction of Grevil Road and PE Way.


  • Provide new building for community use at Edward Wilson House.

Next Steps

The next step is to assess what you have told us you like and what you don’t like about our vision and design ideas, before coming up with some design ideas for housing. This involves an appraisal process that looks at a number of options ranging from retaining buildings as they are, internal refurbishment, part refurbishment and part replacement, through to replacement. We will show the results of the appraisal process next time and explain how the options will be assessed and how the decisions have been influenced.

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