Next meeting Street Audit

At the next Forum meeting on Monday 21st May  we will be practising the skills we discussed in March with facilitators Elin and Barbara from GRCC.

Dont worry if you weren’t there in March, we’ll be in good hands again on the 23rd!

All attendees will be given a forum ID badge, pens and a survey sheet and will be gathering some interesting data from which to generate a profile of the ward. The details we’ll be collecting will include the following sorts of information;

  • What’s the condition of the roads and pavements
  • Are there any trees, what sort and in what condition
  • Is there ever any flooding
  • Is parking easy and does it affect traffic flow
  • Could we build more houses or community facilities
  • Is there scope for more cycle ways

Here is a presentation prepared by Barbara at GRCC of some of the ideas we discussed at the meeting;

HWF Street Audit BPO presentation ET 23.3.18

Here is the full (draft) street survey form;

Draft Street Survey HWF

If you’d like to get involved please come to the Hesters Way Community Centre at 5.30pm – 7pm and we’ll help you to get started! If you want to bring a friend along that would be great!

Looking forward to seeing you then.

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