How you can get involved in the Forum

GETTING INVOLVED can sometimes seem daunting but there are lots of ways you can help:

  • talking to neighbours and friends
  • helping with consultation
  • distributing flyers on your road
  • sharing ideas
  • advertising and publicity
  • technical data analysis or environmental assessment

STAY IN TOUCH If you’d like to find out more you can use the following ways:

For future meetings and project updates see the website

To comment on twitter @hesterswayforum or facebook hesterswayforum


If you want to meet some of the group we’ll be at Easter Eggstravaganza in St Marks Community Centre on Saturday 24th March 11am – 1pm


Hesters Way Community Resource Centre all Mondays 5.30—7.00pm

  • 23rd April
  • 21st May
  • 25th June
  • 23rd July


If you would like to comment on the project feel free to contact the Chair, Charmian Sheppard on or give us a ring on 01242 575638


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