West Cheltenham Parks Survey

We’re gathering information to help improve our local parks and to present ideas for the green landscape developments in the new Cyber Hub and Garden Village project west of Springbank and Fiddlers Green.

Ideas will be incorporated into the Hesters Way Neighbourhood Plan

Please complete this quick survey (2 minutes) to give us your opinion.

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M5 Junction 10 Improvements

M5 Junction 10 Improvements Scheme

Gloucestershire County Council is currently consulting on an improvement scheme around M5 Junction 10. The scheme aims to support an increase in local housing supply and economic growth by removing constraints on the highway network and providing an integrated package of transport infrastructure. The scheme elements include an ‘all movements’ junction at M5 Junction 10, complemented by a new link road to the west of Cheltenham, and improvements along the A4019 and at Coombe Hill junction.

Consultation to identify the best location for the upgraded motorway junction will be open for 6 weeks from 00:01 on 14 October until 23:59 on 25 November 2020.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in line with social distancing guidelines, all consultation information will be made available online: www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/J10.

Have your say…

To find out more about the scheme and to complete the survey, search for www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/J10. You can also email GCC at M5Junction10@atkinsglobal.com for more information

West Cheltenham Planning Document Approved

The Cheltenham Borough Council approved the GOLDEN VALLEY DEVELOPMENT SUPPLEMENTARY PLANNING DOCUMENT on July 20th.

This document outlines the proposals for the cyber hub commercial estate and the residential developments to the west of Hesters Way, Fiddlers Green and Springbank.

Please see the link below to view the document


Neighbourhood Plan Taking Shape

In 2016 a group of local people gathered to together with the hope of coming up with a plan to make Hesters Way a better place to live. After hundreds of hours of conversation, discussion and debate the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is now taking shape.  The Steering Committee would very much like to thank everyone involved for their effort, goodwill, and encouragement throughout the process.

Thanks for taking the time to read the Hesters Way Neighbourhood Development Plan we hope you agree that the NDP presents a fabulous vision for the future and offers the chance for every resident to thrive. If you would like to comment on the draft plan or attend a meeting please contact us here

If you want to see more please visit the documents page here

Cyber Central Garden Community Consultation

Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Councils are working together to drive a world class development at West Cheltenham to be known as Cyber Central Garden Community. Their vision is to create a vibrant pioneering community integrating hi-tech business, residential and leisure uses. It will require the highest standards of environmental sustainability integrating exemplar homes as part of a thriving campus and garden community.

This planning framework called a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) above will provide a broad masterplan setting out important principles including connections from existing neighbourhoods, the design of green spaces, new homes, employment spaces and community facilities. This SPD follows on from the allocation of this land for the development in principle through the adopted Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Joint Core Strategy (2017). Going forward this SPD will inform future planning application submissions on the site.

CBC and TBC are keen to hear your views which can be submitted here; https://cybercentral.commonplace.is/ up to 17th February 2020.

There are also drop-in consultation events to meet the SPD team and view the masterplan SPD:

Thursday 23rd January 2020

12:30 – 3:30pm at Springbank Community Centre, Cheltenham, GL51 0LG

4:30 – 7:30pm at Hester’s Way Community Centre, Cheltenham, GL51 7SU

Saturday 1st February 2020

10:30am – 1:30pm at Regent Arcade, High St, Cheltenham, GL50 1JZ 2:30 – 5:30pm at Cheltenham West Community Fire Station, Tewkesbury Road, GL51 9SN

‘Village green’ land at risk after supreme court ruling

Decision on Moorside Fields in Lancaster makes it harder to stop public space being developed

It is not the most attractive piece of land in Lancashire. But for Janine Bebbington and her friends, Moorside Fields was where all the important things in life happened.

“It was our playground, it was where we went and climbed trees, used the running track from the nearby school, played rounders, explored, kissed people in the bushes, drank cider, did all the things that people get up to in green spaces.”

Sitting in the middle of three estates in south Lancaster, the five fields have been enjoyed by locals for more than half a century. But plans to ensure that future generations will find delights there have been scuppered by the supreme court. On Wednesday, the court stripped Moorside Fields of its village green status, a ruling that campaigners predict will have major implications for the protection of open spaces across England and Wales.