The Hesters Way Forum hold meetings at the Hesters Way Community Resource Centre every month. The meetings aim to include any local residents, employees or councillors interested in helping to formulate a Neighbourhood Plan for the area. 

We aim to make the meetings as inclusive as we can and to offer snacks and drinks where the budget allows. Feel free to drop in and/ or bring a friend. If you can let Andy Hayes know beforehand that would help us with preparing snacks.


Site Visit TBC

Forum TBC at Hesters Way Community Centre

 Agenda 24th Sept Neighbourhood Forum Meeting

Minutes: Hesters Way Forum minutes 24th September 2018

Documents; Hesters Way Street Audit 6.09.18



June 25th 2018 Agenda

May21st 2018 Agenda  Minutes 21st May 2018

March 26th 2018 Agenda Minutes 26th March

February 26th 2018 Agenda  Minutes 26th February

January 29th 2018 Agenda Minutes 29th January